Air Coolers Heat Exchanger (ACHE)

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ACHE-  Project Experience List

Clients Clients
Project Description Project Description
Year Year
ASEAN Bintulu Fertilizer D073 U-Tube Bundle Replacement for Hydrogenation Gas Cooler 03-E005 Hydrogenation Gas Cooler 2014
D081 Tube Bundle Replacement Granulator Atomization Air Heater 2014
D102 Air Cooler (35-E008) For Final Cooler Final Cooler 2016
D103 Supply of new 29-E001 Steam Condenser 2016
D119 Carbonator & Decarbonated Water Tank Carbonator Tank 2017

Best Wide Engineering (M)
D181 MOPU for Bayang Redevelopment Project  For Glycol Cooler (A2020- 026 Bayan) 2021
D186 Jerun SK408 TEG Package TEG Cooler
TEG Still Column Vent Cooler
CPOC D185 Supply and Delivery of Upgraded Gas Heater Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger 2022
Dialog E&C Sdn Bhd D183 SCORE Project
Gas Cooler Gas Cooler
D164 EPCC of Steam Supply Facilities Condensate Cooler 2020
Delcom Services Sdn Bhd for Talisman Malaysia Limited D043 BR-D Compressor Revamp Project Gas Lift Compressor Add. Discharge Cooler 2011
DK Engineering J.S.C D125 Extension of Gas Compression Capacity at Block 09-1 Interstage Cooler 2018
D176 Tube Bundle Replacement Interstage Cooler Discharge Cooler 2021
EPIC OG Sdn Bhd D175 Supply of New Channel Head Deoiling Hydrocyclone 2021
D192 Supply of Channel Head Deoiling Hydrocyclone 2021
Exxonmobil Exploration & Production Malaysia Inc D114 Fabricate New Lube Oil Cooler HX-610 Lube Oil Cooler 2017
Frontier Integrator Sdn Bhd D089 TCOT Zero Flaring Project Liquid Ring Air Cooler 2015
Knauf Insulation Sdn Bhd D139 North Malay Basin Phase 2 Facilities Pressure Vessel-Siprod Knock Out Drum 2018
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. D080 Bergading Project Heating Medium Trim Cooler 2014
IEV Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. D067 Supply, Delivery, Installation & Commissioning of Refurbished Wellhead Platform, Pipeline & Host Tie-In For D21 Project Fuel Gas Cooler 2013
JX Nippon O & G Exploration D148 Supply of HP & LP Channel Head LP Compressor After Cooler
HP Compressor After Cooler
Kebabangan Petroleum OperatingCompany Sdn Bhd (KPOC) D044 Kebabangan Northern Hub Dehydration Inlet Coolers 2012
Kencana HL Sdn Bhd D039 East Piatu Field Dev. Project Gas Cooler 2011
Knauf Insulation Sdn Bhd D157 Supply of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger for Knauf Melter Cooling Water 2019
Kuala Lumpur Valve & Fittings (M) Sdn Bhd D077 Supply of Condensate Pot Project Condensate Pot 2014
Lotte Chemical Titan Sdn Bhd D141

Tender For The Procurement Of Exchanger
Tube Bundle

Dilution Steam Generator Steam Reboiler 2018
D179 NC1 Plant Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger 2021
Maysville Sdn Bhd D173 Tube Bundle Replacement Tube Bundle ReplacementBarrier Fluid Cooler 2020
Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd D051 Supply of Lean Sulfinol  Lean Sulfinol Cooler 2012
Malaysia Refining Company Sdn Bhd D071 E-39410A Tube Bundle Replacement Reformed Gas Air Cooler 2014
D096 Tube Bundle Replacement Crude/1st & 2nd LGO Product 2015
D099 Tube Bundle Replacement Upper Stripper Reboiler 2015
D098 Tube Bundle Replacement Naphtha Stabiliser Reboiler 2015
D008 PSR2 Revamp Project Naptha Stripper Overhead Condenser 2008
D109 Tube Bundle Replacement Naphtha Stabiliser Overhead Steam Condenser 2016
D123 Fabrication of Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Stabiliser Steam Condenser 2017
D126 Fabrication of Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Sour Water Stripper Reboiler 2018
D128 Term Contract Package 1 and 2 Stabiliser Steam Condenser 2018
D145 Tube Bundle Replacement Steam Gland Condenser 2019
D146 Tube Bundle Replacement HD Stripper Overhead Condenser 2019
D149 Supply of Tube Bundle for PSR2 & MG3 TA2019

Crude / Atmos Top Pump Around
Liquid Exchanger
Water Cooler
Crude/5th HVGO Product
Lean Oil Cooler
Deiso Hexaniser Lower Reboiler
Naphtha Stabiliser Feed/Bottom
Absorb Upper Intercooler
Absorb Lower Intercooler

D150 Supply of ! Unit of STHE Tube Bundle & 2 Units of ACHE Tube Bundles By Pass Cooler
Filtered Condensate
D151 Supply of Steam Coils Steam Coil 2019
D152 Supply of AFC Tube Bundles for TA2019 Product Condenser
Debutaniser Bottom Coooler
Quench Tower Ovhd Condeser
Hydrotratement Regenartion Condenser
Hydrotreater Lean Amine Cooler
Stripped Water Cooler
TPA Cooler
D158 E-32224 Tube Bundle Replacement Coker Distillate Product Cooler 2019
MLNG Dua Sdn Bhd D004 MLNG Dua Debottlenecking  Endflash Compressor 1st Stage Intercooler 2007
MMHE Sdn Bhd D057 Cendor FPSO Topside Hot Oil Dump Cooler 2013
D165 EPCIC for Kasawari Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger 2020
D168 EPCIC for Kasawari
Barrier Fluid Cooler
D190 SK408 Jerun Field  Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger 2022
MSET Engineering Corp. S/B  for Sarawak Shell Berhad D041 F28DR-A Fuel Gas Skids  Fuel Gas Inlet Cooler 2011
MTBE Sdn Bhd D006 Replacement of Tube Bundle Propylene Heater 2007
Murphy Sarawak Oil Co., Ltd. D049 BORF Centrifugal Compressor 1st Stage Discharge Cooler 2012
NGL Tech (M) Sdn Bhd D124 CRS for OPHIR Project Air Cooler 2017
Petrofac E&C Sdn Bhd D056 West Desaru MOPU EPCIC Lube Oil Cooler 2012
Petrofac Energy Development  D065 Upstream Downstream Theme Park  Stabilised Cooler' 2013
Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd D093 F9JT Infill Drilling Project Power Gas Pre-Cooler 2015
D095 Kumang Cluster (SK-500) Project Air Cooled Heat Exchanger 2015
D110 Besar-A Development Project Fuel Gas Cooler 2016
D001 Sumandak Phase II Development 1st Stage After Cooler 2007
D153 Supply of 2 Unit of Air Dryer Pressure Vessel Pressure Vessel 2019
D178 Bekok-A Platform New Heat Exchanger (2HX- 710A-Intercooler) for Intercooler 2021
Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (Sabah Operation) D001 ERB West - Replacement Bundles 2nd Stage Discharge Cooler 2007
Petronas Chemical MTBE Sdn Bhd D060 Replacement Tube Bundles Reactor Effluent Compressor  2001
Petronas Chemicals Kedah Fertilizer Sdn Bhd D085 Tube Bundle Replacement Concetration Column Reboiler 2014
Petronas Chemicals Methanol Sdn Bhd D069 Replacement of Tube Bundles, Plenum & Accessories for PCMSB Methanol Condenser 2014
D070 U-Tube Bundle Replacement for PC Methanol Prerun Column Condenser 2014
Petronas Chemicals Olefins Sdn Bhd D106 Supply of E-1612 New Heat Exchanger Dilution Water Heater 2016
D108 Supply of BFW Vessel and Activated Sludge Thickener Tank BFW Vessel 2016
Petronas Chemical Derivatives Sdn Bhd D143 Channel Head Cover and Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger
Propane Vaporiser
Petronas Chemical MTBE Sdn Bhd D161 Supply of Tube Bundle Replacement for EB-0102A/B Deisobutanizer Reboiler 2020
Petronas Chemicals Polyethylene Sdn Bhd D092 Tube Bundle Replacement Steam Condenser 2015
Petronas Chemical Fertilizer Sabah D172 Tube Bundle Replacement Granulator Atomization Air Heater E-39-01  2020
Petronas Gas Berhad D042 Replacement Tube Bundles Depropanizer Condenser 2011
D045 Replacement Tube Bundles Debutanizer Condenser 2011
D059 Gas Turbine FIFA Replacement Bundle Gas Turbine Cooler 2012
D068 Gas Turbine FIFA Replacement Bundle Gas Turbine Cooler 2014
D113 Replacement of Tube Bundle Excess Steam Condenser 2017
D005 Replacement of Tube Bundle Excess Steam Condenser 2007
Petronas Gas Berhad (Santong) D167 Tube Bundle Replacement Excess Steam Condenser Excess Steam Condenser 2020
Petronas Penapisan (Melaka) Sdn Bhd D036 Replacement Tube Bundles Condensate Cooler 2010
D037 Replacement Tube Bundles Crude Tower Condenser 2010
D052 Retubing Work for Two Units Air Fin  CDU Overhead Condenser 2012
D058 Retubing Work for One Unit Air Fin  CDU Overhead Condenser
TPA Trim Cooler
D062 Retubing Work for One Unit Air Fin  CDU Overhead Condenser
TPA Trim Cooler
D072 Retubing Work for Three Unit Air Fin  CDU Overhead Condenser
TPA Trim Cooler
Petronas Penapisan (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd D040 Replacement Tube Bundles Benzene Column Condenser 2011
D053 Two Units of  Air Fin Cooler Tube   Tube Bundle Replacement 2012
D187 Tube Bundle Replacement Stabiliser Condenser Air Cooler 2021
Petronas Penapisan (Melaka) Sdn Bhd D003 Re-Tubing Work CDU Overhead Condenser 2007
D007 Re-Tubing Work CDU Overhead Condenser 2008
D009 Re-Tubing Work CDU Overhead Condenser 2008
D032 HPU-1 Revamp Raw Gas Cooler 2010
D048 Re-Tubing Work for AFC Tube Bundle CDU Overhead Condenser 2011
D078 Tube Bundle Replacement & Retubing Condensate Tower Condenser 2014
D082 Retubing Project Crude Tower Condenser 2014
D086 Tube Bundle Replacement CDU Overhead Condenser
TPA Trim Cooler
D091 Retubing Project Crude Tower Condenser 2015
D107 Retubing Project Crude Tower Condenser 2016
D111 Tube Bundle Replacement CDU Overhead Condenser
TPA Trim Cooler
D112 Retubing Project Crude Tower Condenser 2016
D116 Retubing for E-21209A/B Crude/2nd Atmos Bottom Pumparound 2016
D120 Fabrication of New Air Fin Cooler E-32206 & E-32209 Coker Fract. Overhead Condenser 2017
D121 Fabrication of Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Waste Water Cooler 2017
D122 Tube Bundle Replacement CDU Overhead Condenser
TPA Trim Cooler
Petronas Penapisan (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd D075 Tube Bundle Replacement   2014
D076 Tube Bundle Replacement Reformer Effluent Cooler 2014
D084 Retubing Project Preflash Overhead 2014
D127 Tube Bundle Replacement Stabiliser Condenser 2018
ProSep (Asia Pacific) Sdn Bhd D074 Shell Malikai Nitrogen Package Nitrogen Gas Cooler 2014
D047 Tapis EOR and Rejuvenation Project Still Vent Condenser 2012
Prosernat D117 Jurassic Production Facility Steam Condenser 2016
D094 Central Process Facility (CPF) Khazzan Project Overhead Condenser 2015
D087 Akkas Gas Field Development Project Overhead Condenser 2015
Petronas Gas Berhad (Santong) D142 Tube Bundle Replacement E5/6-1704 3rd Stage After Cooler 2019
D147 Tube Bundle Replacement Excess Steam Condenser 2019
PTT Corporation Sdn Bhd D144 Supply of Tube Bundle Start-up Gas Heater 2019
D166 Tube Bundle Replacement Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger 2020
D191 Supply of Channel Head Demethaniser Reboiler 2021
D195 Tube Bundle Replacement Air Cooled Heat Exchanger 2022
PT Patra SK D162 Debottlenecking Project HLPS Vapor Air Cooler
Vacuum Tower Product Air Cooler

PT. JGC Indonesia


D097 EPCIC RGTEC 1st Stage RGTEC Cooler 2015
Punj Lloyd Oil & Gas (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd D035 Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipeline (SSGP) Project Gas Compressor After Cooler 2011
Rotating System Offshore Pte Ltd D054 Vapour Recovery  Package for KBB  HC Gas After Cooler 2012
Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd. D079 TGAST Project Sales Gas Compressor After Cooler 2015
Sapura Kencana Energy Sarawak Inc D105 SK310 B15 Development Project Full Wellstream Cooler 2016
Sapura Kencana HL D118 SK316 NC3CP Development Project Full Well Stream Pre Cooler 2017
Sapura Fabrication D134 Supply of FG Filter Coalescer and Closed Drain Drum for Zetung Pressure Vessel 2018
D155 EPCIC for Pegaga Development Project Inlet Pre Cooler 2019
Sapura Pinewell Sdn Bhd D140 ePCC For Bokor Betty HP Flare KO Drum , Instrument Air Receiver 2019
Sarawak Shell Berhad D010 B11 Redevelopment Project Interstage Air Cooled Heat Exchanger 2008
D038 E8/F13 Compression Project F13 Discharge Cooler 2011
D061 Bintulu Integrated Facility Hydrocarbon Condensate 2013
D115 Refurbishment of E-870/E-880 Condenser 2016
D002 F6 Facilities Rejuvenation  Lube Oil Cooler 2007
D088 SFK-A K2400 & K2500 Gas Compressor Project Process Gas Cooler 2015
Sime Darby Engineering S/B for Talisman Malaysia Ltd. D034 BR-A MRU Project HP Gas Air Cooler 2010
T7 Global Berhad D182 MOPU for Bayang 
1st & 2nd Stage Compressor Discharge Cooler
Tabung Haji Heavy Engineering D090 Layang FPSO Conversion Project 1st Stage Compressor After Cooler 2015
Technip Far East Sdn Bhd D083 Maharajalela South Project Lean Amine Cooler 2014
Toyo Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd D050 Flare Gas Recovery Unit (FGRU)  R3-961 1st Stage Suction Cooler 2012
D101 ISM E305 EXPANSION PROJECT Main Condenser 2016
Wood Group Engineering Sdn Bhd D137 Guntong A- Cooler Upgrade Air Coolers 2019
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