Message From CEO

Dear Patrons,  
We welcome you all to our Family of DYNAC
Group.. a true engineering company.
Here at DYNAC we are committed to being a world class HVAC & Engineering company serving the oil, gas and energy industries around the globe.  
Our staff has enormous experience of this market going back to the 1970's, a period which saw massive growth in this market. DYNAC have been actively involved in oil and gas HVAC equipment since the 1980's and is one of the major players in the Asian markets.   We are now ready for the next stage which will take DYNAC into the full international market. Continued investment in R&D along with the new products will enable us to meet these goals. DYNAC will be the preferred brand in the market.
Year on year growth and heavy investment in facilities, equipment and staff has brought the company to where it is now. From offices and factories in Malaysia and United Kingdom we will meet our plans and the expectations of our existing and new clients.   At DYNAC we are proud to have all the credentials and track records, as well as the relevant oil and gas industry requirements, recognition and certification of both local and international standards.
Message From Director

The projects we undertake are large and complex based on cutting-edge technologies and aim at creating substantial business impact for our customers.
We are confident that our horizontal and vertical focus areas, carved out of our robust experience, can help realize tremendous value from our strategic partnerships.
Our company's mission of "commit ourselves for supplying products that would give complete satisfaction to customer" continues to be our main focus. It is through the efforts of our team that we never lose sight of the customer's needs. We strive to serve our customers with integrity and quality each and every time. Focusing on this goal with strong team efforts, we will certainly succeed in every effort and pursuit.
We, hereby wish to express gratitude to our staff, channel partners and customers for their continued support as we move forward.

Allam Tawfiq Said

B.SC In Electrical Engineering
Memphis University, USA

DYNAC was incorporated on the 31st May 1982 with the objectives of providing our customers with oil & gas based related industries and engineering works particularly towards the engineering based activities.

Our range of services encompasses all aspects of network implementation, design optimization, installation, test and commissioning, management, training, maintenance and consultancy.
With the teams of talented and experienced personnel, DYNAC is gearing itself to provide the customers with quality services at competitive price to their engineering needs and requirements.
High satisfaction among our technically demanding customers have been a major factor in the growth of DYNAC since its establishment. This record of excellence resulted from our corporate objectives which place priority on the followings:-
  • Provide best services and solutions to the customers. Clear understanding of the customer’s needs and requirements.
  • Offer a win-win situation for us and the customers in limiting unnecessary cost by continuously improving our systems, products and services.
Our achievement in acquiring and maintaining the ISO9001 Certification is another proof that we are serious and committed to the industry. With the trusted confidence bestowed by our Customers, we are confident in providing the comprehensive services to the national and international demanding industries in achieving our leader’s VISION 2020 objectives.


Message from Group CEO's Desk

It is with great pleasure that I welcome and thank you for visiting the DYNAC website. I am Md Jasman, Group CEO. As I look back on the last couple of years — in fact, the last decade, a period of profound political and economic change — it is remarkable how much we have accomplished. The standout performances of our businesses are the result of hard works of our very dedicated people and delivering excellent products and services consistently to our customers.
I have never been more optimistic about our future. We are committed to making our business even better by serving more customers. The key to doing that is moving faster.
DYNAC Group is committed to being the most respected in providing value added services while creating successful partnerships with each of our clients. Our goal is to build strong partnerships based on trust, ensuring safety, reliability & efficiency with the customer focused mindset and finding innovative ways to provide great value to fulfil your needs.
We thank you for your support and look forward to working together for an even brighter future.  

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Louisiana State University , USA (1985)


When I am working on a problem or a project..
I never think about it’s beauty,
but when I have finished it or when it is complete.
If the solution is not beautiful,
I know it is wrong. It is flawed..

( Quote From DYNAC President )

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